School looks to mould students using new methods

In an effort to inculcate good habits among children, the Government High School in Kundalagurki village of Shidlaghatta taluk has taken up an intitiave to supply its students with diaries, all in an effort to mould them into disciplined and responsible individuals.

As a cruical part of the programme, the diary is also seen as a tool to help individuals engage in introspection and analyse day-to-day activities, plus help subjects to focus on aims and dreams.

As part of the initiative, every student will receive a diary. In it, they are expected to write down school timings, their punctuality in following in it, details of holidays and activities taken up during vacations and national and religious festivals, books issued from the library, the number of books read, progress in tests and examinations. The record is to be maintained diligently for the year.

School Headmistress, Rosalyn Pereira, cited a prominent examples as the inspiration behind the idea of using diaries.

“Mahatma Gandhi led a transparent and noble life. We draw inspiration from his life, principles and contributions even today. Maintaining a diary was also one of his best habits and helped him lead a disciplined life,” said Pereira.

“If the schoolchildren are exposed to good habits in their childhood, they will continue to follow them through out thier lives. We have introduced this system for the last two years and have received good response from the children.

They will continue the same habit in future and soon it will become a part of their daily routine. It will also inspire them to lead a successful life, this is what we belive in,” she added.

School calendar

School teachers have also developed the idea of a school calendar which will carry all the important events and functions of the year, including all activities related to academics and extra-curricular events.

The calender will also carry pre-planned dates for the conduct of examinations, functions, sports activities, vacation, club activities and elections. School staff claim that the calender will also benefit parents.

Efforts appreciated

According to Pereira, other schools have also sought to copy the idea of the school calander, having noted its benefits.

“Our school teacher, L V Venkata Reddy, who prepared the calendar, has set an example. Other high schools have also appreciated our efforts.

They have sought a copy of our calendar and wish to implement it in their schools too. It will help in chalking out programmes for the academic year,” she said.

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