All you need is 'five friends' for a modern life

All you need is 'five friends' for a modern life

 Finding it tough to cope with modern life? All you need is the presence of five friends: An agony aunt, an emotional support, someone good with money, a practical person and a colleague you can seek advice from.

The research by Nationwide Building Society in UK shows a minimum of five friends and colleagues are now required to share out our problems and get useful advice from.
Researchers rated ‘an agony aunt’ figure who you can tell your problems to, followed by a ‘loved one’ who will put an arm around you and provide emotional support, the Daily Mail reported.

The third most in demand is ‘someone to help you out with financial matters’ and advise you how to save money.

And fourth is a ‘knowledgeable friend’ or family member you can turn to for advice on life’s practical matters.

The fifth most important is ‘a colleague’ you can look to for help and advice in the workplace.

However, the research found that despite the average Facebook user having 190 friends, 32 per cent of Brits still don’t feel they really have anyone on their side.
Men are twice as likely to feel they have no one to turn to (42 per cent) in their daily lives as women (23 per cent).

The research shows our main needs are for someone to listen to our problems (23 per cent), to provide emotional support (18 per cent) and to ease the pressures of everyday life (18 per cent).

The study of 1,047 UK adults found one in six people (16 per cent) say they need someone to help them save money or get rid of debt.
Meanwhile, 15 per cent confide in work colleagues and one in 20 (5 per cent) look to their boss for help and advice.

The research shows support at work is more important to men, with 11 per cent looking for advice in this area compared to just five per cent of women.

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