Today's Letters

Today's Letters

Blind censorship


I was shocked at the utter failure of the Censor Board's erratic certifying of the latest Tamil film, Unnaipol Oruvan, which suggests methods to curb the menace of a particular terrorist-out fit, belonging to a particular community.

The concept of the producers and the director clearly indicate one should add more fire on a burning substance instead of throwing water or sand..The dialogues emphasise strongly on such raw meaning and I wonder how the Censor Board officials thought it fit for public viewing. Moreover, the Tamilnadu Govt's IG, is shown as if he is in total appreciation of such plans by shaking hands with a terrorist and sacrificing his job.

It is in very bad taste and against human ethics. The commonman will be made to believe that such suggestions will bring about good result, wheares it will actually lead to more communal tension and violence. The film has daringly named the terrorist groups of a particular community, which are banned outfits througout the world. Let them not forget that the neighbouring country's banned LTTE cadre will also face the fate suggested so strongly if those who oppose them adopt similar methods shown in the movie.

P B Vijayaragavan

Unnecessary controversy

The raging controversy over the success or otherwise of the Pokhran tests held in 1998 at this late stage seems to be unnecessary as nothing concrete is going to come out of it except washing of dirty linen in public. Should we plead with all concerned to stop throwing mud and get back to their assigned business of serving the nation with all seriousness that it demands?

V. Padmanabhan

Strange laws

This is with reference to 'Don’t sit over mercy pleas says SC' appearing in DH dated 21SEP09, Justice delayed is justice denied. SC is fully justified in its observation that if a verdict is not carried out then the purpose of delivering justice is defeated (breaking down of law and machinery).

Public memory is never short. Around LS election time Union Home Minister Chidambaram had categorically stated that in the case of punishment by hanging, govt would entertain one mercy plea per month for reconsideration which means Afzal Guru convicted in the Parliament case will have to wait for two years.

Similarly if Ajmal Kasab is convicted tomorrow, then he can safely survive for another 24 months. If the Govt is seen wavering in carrying out its decision on mercy plea, then it must review its opinion on capital punishment. Strange are the laws of the land.

Deepak Chikramane

Kudos to Somdev

Kudos to the young braveheart of Indian tennis, Somdev Devverman, for his thrilling  5 - set  victory against De Voest of South Africa and paving the way for India's entry to the Davis Cup World Group, after a gap of 11 years.

Dr. R.Seetharam

Double standards

As per some reports appearing in a section of the print media, the proposed visit of the President of India to China is being cancelled as a sequel to the recent spurt in the incidences of border violations by the Chinese troops. If that is indeed the reason, then no dignitary of any rank from the Government of India should have paid an official visit to Pakistan during the last six decades.
For, not a single day has passed since Independence without the Pakistani forces and their terrorists’ cohorts intruding into the Indian Territory to carry out subversive activities. The Government of India seems to have applied double standards while dealing with China and Pakistan.

Arun Malankar

Whither teachers

It is sad that in the village Devakatikoppa, under Koteganga Gram Panchayat which was awarded Nirmala Grama Puruskar,  two children have died by drowning in the water filled stone- quarry, when they fell accidentally while defecating. (Denied toilet, kids use quarry,drown-21/09/09). It is all the more tragic that it has happened because the teachers behaved insensitively by locking  the toilet in the school to  forbid the students from using it for they consider it to be their privilege.
The reason given that children are not familiar with using the sanitary toilets is still more atrocious, for it is the duty of the teachers to make the students aware. Will the Gram Panchayat take the issue seriously to take appropriate action against the teachers and give monetary compensation to the families of the two boys?

H.R.Bapu Satyanarayana