Choose the 'write' paint

We’ve all faced the problem of our toddlers, sometimes even older children, scribbling or doodling on the walls.  More importantly, even if we have space in our home for a children’s room, the room is usually so small, we cannot accommodate a whiteboard for our children to doodle on.

Enter IdeaPaint. A group of college students were brainstorming new business possibilities on their whiteboards when they ran out of room on the board. Though it was frustrating, it led them to a really innovative idea – to make paint that would turn walls into giant whiteboards. Once the idea was in their heads, there was no stopping them. What if the paint could work as a writing surface not just on walls but also on existing blackboards, table tops, or even doors?

The idea was the easy part; finding the right formula turned out to be really challenging. John Goscha, Jeff Avallon, and Morgan Newman contacted speciality paint and chemical coating laboratories to work with them on the problem. Most labs insisted it could not be done. The youngsters, however, would not take no for an answer. “If we can put a man on the moon, we can make dry-erase paint,” they insisted.

The trio’s perseverance paid off and IdeaPaint was born. It was launched at an architectural trade show. The creators painted a giant 3,000 square feet wall with a mural and demonstrated how easy it was to erase it and recreate anything on the surface right away. Just wipe off!

A growing number of architects and painters view this discovery as a breakthrough. IdeaPaint enables you to paint any part of your wall and transform it into a dry-erase canvas!

Its potential is limitless. You can “IdeaPaint” one wall of your drawing/living/dining room and have artwork painted on it. The best feature is that when you tire of it, you can erase it and paint a new picture.

As already mentioned, the children’s room will really benefit from this treatment. Kids can use their wall as a giant board to draw on and later in life to do their rough work on – yes, an erasable white board. In your office room/den the uses are limitless and need hardly be outlined here.

Try to imagine your kitchen having one wall or counter-top painted with IdeaPaint. You can use it to write your lists or recipes. I would love to write out the recipe for my “dish of the day” in bold letters on the wall and not have to carry a recipe book or laptop with me, not to mention the necessity for reading glasses which are always lost!

All this naturally begs the question, “Is IdeaPaint available in India?”  I won’t spoil your surprise –  just Google, “IdeaPaint in India.”

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