London will be a fresh start: Bindra

The Beijing Olympics gold medal is a distant memory for the star Indian shooter Abhinav Bindra, who says he will have to start afresh when he takes aim at the London Games, starting here on Friday.

“Looking at the past has no bearing, I don’t want to soak myself with the thoughts of Beijing performance. I won a gold four years ago in two hours of shooting. That is over and done with,” said Bindra.

Stating that he was not under any pressure to repeat the feat he had achieved four years back, Bindra said: “What happened in the past is past. I got a medal in Beijing. But at the moment I have nothing from London, so I have nothing to lose. So why should I be under pressure?

Asked if he is genuinely so detached, Bindra said: “Well I am telling you the facts. Do you have any doubts? I have to start afresh. Beijing gold has no meaning here.”

Speaking about his Olympics journey so far, the shooter smiled as he replied: “Look this is my fourth Olympics. I am greying, look at my hair. Anyway because you asked me let me tell you, it was very exciting in Sydney (2000), in Athens in 2004 I shattered Olympic record and came very close to winning (medal) and in 2008 at Beijing I think I did a fairly decent job.”

Responding to the criticism that he was not media friendly, Bindra said: “Well I am sitting before you. If I had been not media friendly you could not have forced me to sit here and talk to you.

“Yes, I am quiet. I am focussed. I am here for a job. I want to do a good job for which I have been picked to represent my country in the Olympics. So what I am attempting to do here is what I am supposed to do.”

On whether he was satisfied with his achievements, Bindra said he is always trying to better his performance.

“One is always striving to do better. I was world champion and Olympic champion, but still I always try to better my own performance.
“Yes playing fourth Olympics is great feeling and this year my performances so far has been ok. There has been a decent build up for the Games.”

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