Harangi reservoir is full

2000 cusec of water being released into the river

Harangi reservoir is full

The Harangi reservoir has reached its maximum level of 2,859 ft on Sunday, forcing the Harangi division irrigation authorities to let out water into the river by opening all the four crest gates. 


The water-level was 2,857.12 feet on Monday morning at 6 am. The inflow of water was 5,600 cusec at 6 am which touched to 7,500 cusec  at 8 am. About 2,000 cusec of water was let into the river.  With the deficit rainfall in the region, for the first time, the reservoir is full this year. Last year, the reservoir had reached its full capacity on July 7. With the deficit rainfall, the filling of the reservoir was delayed by one month. The heavy rains in the catchment areas have brought smile on the face of the farmers. The catchment region had received 24.1 mm rain. 

 To maintain the water-level at 2,856.12 feet in the reservoir keeping in mind the security of the reservoir, water was released.  The spectacular view of the water being released from the crest gate to the river is attracting the visitors to the spot. However, the admission was denied owing to the safety reason. 


Harangi reservoir irrigates 1.35 lakh acre farm land in Kodagu, Mysore, and Hassan districts, told Harangi division Executive Engineer Palanethrayya to Deccan Herald.  The storage capacity in the reservoir was 8.5 tmc. Now 7.86 tmc water has been stored. District -in-Charge Minister M P Appacchu Ranjan will offer baagina at the reservoir, on Tuesday at 9 am. 

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