Touching on important topics

Touching on important topics

Touching on important topics

The students of New Horizon College attended a seminar which addressed topics like legal literacy and the rights of every citizen recently.

Eminent jurists

who spoke at the seminar spread awareness regarding the rights of every citizen of the state and the need to be aware of it.

The seminar helped the students get a reality check about what they know about the laws of the country.

 The panelists talked about what measures should be taken if someone’s rights are denied to them.

“It was very helpful and we came to know about our rights as citizens and as students as well. We have taken our rights for granted and that is not okay. It was a
very educative seminar and the entire batch participated in it,” said Ankita, a student.
The students were also given an opportunity to pose their questions to the panelists.

They found the interactive session rather interesting. “We enjoyed the question-and-answer session a lot and it was a learning experience. While some of us discussed the problems we have faced as students and citizens, many of the students
clarified their doubts too,” said Dhanush, a student.

He added that it was more about realising that as students, they often ignore their rights and are clueless about them.

Many laws and acts were described with the help of case studies.
The session also highlighted the practical aspects of the law. Justice H Billappa, one of the panelists, said that the three important things in a person’s life are: liberty, property and reputation and one would always try to preserve the above three.

“Basic rights are rights because you are born with them and would need them for liberty, equality and dignity,” he added.

Sargam, a student who attended the seminar, said that the students needed to play a role in spreading awareness about these issues.

“We have to know our rights and laws. We can surge further only if we are aware. The ignorance that prevails among us youngsters is really sad. So many of us don’t even know our basic rights. Only if we know our laws can we fight for our rights,” she summed up.