Experiences of a roadie

Experiences of a roadie

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Experiences of a roadie

If you have ever watched MTV Roadies, the names Rannvijay Singh and Bani will surely ring a bell.

The VJ-turned-actors were in the City recently to unveil a new and unique range of edgy and comfortable ‘MTV Roadies Footgear’ in association with Mochi Store.

“We have a branding and merchandising section of MTV that comes up with such consumer products. They got us involved to not only be the faces for this range, but also to give inputs for what the shoes should look like,” explains Rannvijay.

 “The concept of Roadies has been brought into the shoes with the fact that people relate Roadies to the youth and to edgy, cool stuff. We’ve incorporated skulls and other graphics in this range and are offering very casual, durable shoes.

This wasn’t designed to be an adventure range but there are some for hiking or riding bikes as well,” he adds.

In short, these are “lifestyle shoes” as Bani likes to call them. In fact, she claims that the inspiration for the designs has come from travelling and meeting different people.

 “Every time you travel, you experience so many new things and get exposed to different cultures. Abroad, people have many unique styles and they don’t even realise that they’re wearing something that is making a style statement,” says the peppy VJ.

 “When I was told that I would get to design shoes, I just wanted to incorporate all the ideas I’ve ever picked up. There were a bunch of textures I had seen on party goers and I played with swatches of fabrics and colours and we picked options from there.

Of course, some were rejected as well,” she adds, to which Rannvijay coughs under his breath saying, “Most of them.”