The Pelican's Pampering Dictionary

The Pelican's Pampering Dictionary

Nosy people needle me no end, and rattle me like rattlesnakes
nagging and nitpicking and needling by
Poking their snouts in my secret and solemn affairs!

As a pelican dip its long nose inside cool springs,
And  shadows the water with its elegant double
A sudden spurt of ecstasy soars up my soul
And coaxes me to be tolerant of nosy snouts!
Just because the pelican’s beak is so darling and delightful!

It seems to be teaching us to dig into the calm and cold  Watery underworld to seek out the mysteries of malice and mischief
And why some people seem to enjoy dipping into them so often

Or perhaps the pelican is only washing its adorable nose
Before it soars up to the skies for a little date with sunshine And a cloud-kissed enchanted trip through the sun’s corridors
The pelican is never still, and is hard to pin down especially with your camera
But this winged and big-nosed expert teaches me like nothing else does,
The wisdom of  poking one’s own snout

Instead of in other people’s business!
because often those turquoise treasures of
tenderness and hope
Hide in the muskiest water under the debris of dread and doubt

And when the pelican maddens you with its sudden vanishing And then re-appears from the depths, coolly washing its wings, You can’t help feeling it is also reminding you that often

The stickiest, smelliest, soul-numbing problem in need of a solution
Might be just waiting behind a long, leisurely
Nose-wash in icy blue and green watery bathrooms! But all said and done, the pelican’s long and lovable nose

Does make me begin to think of sometimes forgiving The creepiest and crawliest and nosiest of nosy parkers invading my territory!

nosy:  prying, inquisitive.
snoop:  pry and peep.
needle:  sting, prick, badger, annoy, tease.
nag:  pester, annoy, irritate
rattle:  hiss, bewilder, muddle
Peeking: staring, nosing.
peering: checking, staring.
sneaky: stealthy, prowling, cowardly,  mean.
snoop: spy, pry, peep.

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