'Women's panel chief must quit'

'Women's panel chief must quit'

In the name of culture, Hindu activists are dividing society

'Women's panel chief must quit'

Flaying the interim report on the Mangalore homestay attack submitted by the Women’s Commission Chairperson C Manjula, Karnataka State Women Congress Committee President  Manjula Naidu on Monday has urged the State Women’s Commission Chairperson to resign and tender an apology to the people of Karnataka.

Addressing a press meet, she said the report has questioned the background of the parents of the victims, which is highly objectionable. The report should have condemned the act and should have come to the rescue of the women victims. However, it has raised the issue of immoral trafficking in the homestay. The report should be rejected.

She said that the attack was politically motivated and demanded the resignation of Home Minister owning moral responsibility.

“If the Women’s Commission chief  fails to withdraw the interim report, we will picket her office in Bangalore,” she warned.

Naidu said “skirting the real issue of Hindu Jagarana Vedike activists barging into a private party and manhandling the youth present, the report instead recommends investigation into immoral trafficking and prostitution.

The attack on the youth was an attack on the freedom to live on their choice. After the BJP government came to power, we have seen saffron outfit activists engaged in church attack, pub attack and now attack on youth. The attack on girls was an uncivilised act in the name of protecting culture.”

“The Women’s Commission should have condemned the act of those attackers who had outraged the modesty of women. However, instead it has levelled allegation against the youth who were partying in the homestay on the day of the attack.

If the youth had  indulged in any immoral activity, then the activists should have informed the police rather than attacking them. The culprits  involved in the pub attack were let free and no stern action was initiated against them. All the accused in the attack on youth should be booked under Goonda Act,” she said.

“If the State government fails to initiate action against the culprits, similar incidents might occur across the State in the future. Sri Ram Sene, Hindu Jagarana Vedike and other Hindu outfits should be banned in the State,” Manjula  added.

In the name of culture and its protection, the Hindu outfits are engaged in dividing the society and disturbing peace in the society. She asked where were these Hindu Jagarana Vedike members, when the State government sponsored rave party at St Mary’s island in Udupi in the name of promotion of tourism.

National Commission     to visit

“We have already approached the National Women Commission and have urged the members to probe into the incident by visiting Mangalore. The Commission member is likely ot visit Mangalore in a couple of days,” , said Manjula Naidu.

She said the students should express solidarity with the youth who were attacked and stage a protest against the State  Women’s Commission report.