Easing that stress at workplace

In today’s time when working hours have gone up and deadlines are getting increasingly tough to meet, stress is bound to follow. No job can be counted as a stress-free one but it is important to curtail workplace stress as much as possible to help avoid side-effects, such as weight gain, high blood pressure and increased risk of a heart attack.

According to Ann Simi John, a clinical psychologist in Columbia Asia Hospital, Gurgaon, people first have to identify what is causing them stress. Getting to the root helps one analyse how one can take steps to rectify the problem at hand. However, there are some basic rules to keeping stress at bay.

According to research an optimal amount of stress is important and it can be good for more productive work.

However, in cases when the stress levels are on the incre­ase, exercising assertive communication is helpful. Learn the art of getting what you want in a firm and positive manner. Also, learn to say ‘no’. There is a way of saying things, give your boss the reasons for not taking up the work rather than acting as a rebel.

Avoid procrastination. It means putting deadlines on  your work and prioritising. One should divide their work and plan a week ahead. More importantly, do the difficult tasks first and then take up the easier ones. It helps finishing the given work ahead of the deadline.

Avoid negative conflict. It’s not necessary that you will have cordial and friendly relations with everybody at the work place but one should always have smooth conversation with their colleagues. Being friendly and smiling at work also avoid misunderstandings and frustration.

Work should always be assigned according to one’s interest and not imposed upon. This can largely hamper the quality of work that one does. Managers should not give communication related work to introverts. They will never be able to give their best as they talk less.

Maintain a good work-life balance. Stress at home adds to stress at workplace too.
Bosses should also understand personal problems of their employees and at times let them handle home and ease work pressure.

Recreational activities – One should engage oneself in recreational activities. Eight per cent of the people are not into exercise. According to research, people are cutting down their years of lifespan by ten years if they don’t exercise for at least 30 minutes in a day.
Engage in yoga or meditation – One can turn to asanas and weight loss regimes. These can ease a lot of tensions and stress if followed on a regular basis.

Bring creativity to your work. If one begins to think creatively, they will never feel tired, stressed or lethargic. The approach to work is very clerical these days so much so that we have forgotten our creative side.

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