Kalam favours FDI in retail

Kalam favours FDI in retail

Former President A P J Abdul Kalam today came out in support of FDI in retail, saying for a developing world to become developed, an atmosphere of competitiveness and aggressiveness should be there.

"As long as we have these, FDI in retail is not a dangerous thing," he said during a lecture organised by the Bharat Chamber of Commerce.

"I personally believe that in the globalised world, we need to collaborate and cooperate with other nations," Kalam said at a function here.

The former president said 250 million tonnes of foodgrains that India now produced made her self-sufficient, but if 400 million tonnes were produced, the country would need to sell it outside and thus would require collaboration and cooperation.

Kalam also spoke in favour of the Kudankulam nuclear power project in Tamil Nadu, which has been delayed due to anti-nuclear power protests. He said it was one of the safest nuclear power projects.

"I am against fossil fuel, which causes so much pollution. I am for nuclear power, solar or hydro power," he said.

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