'I've carved a niche for myself

Funky style

You are what you create. The clothes that are made by designer Swapnil Shinde say a great deal about the man himself. He does not stick to the mundane and always manages to surprise people with his level of creativity and finesse.

In transit: Swapnil Shinde

Anything futuristic and funky excites Swapnil and fuels his imagination.

Swapnil put up an impressive show in Bangalore recently where he explored and expounded the theme of Nagin or the snake.

The snake took various shapes, forms and sizes. The models on the ramp had snakes swirling around their necks, waists and the smaller ones around the leg.

The sight wasn't very pleasing but you could not help but admire his initiative to present something quirky.

Metrolife spoke to Swapnil and got him talking about the urge to experiment and explore the designer in him.

In most of his works, he attempts to reinvent and recreate the 60s and 80s. “Anything about the 60s — the music, clothes or even the fashion sensibilities of people inspire me.

If you think people those days weren’t fashionable enough, you are wrong. They had their own inimitable style,” says Swapnil.

Swapnil has made his presence felt across the globe. “I’ve carved a niche for myself in the world market and now, apart from creating clothes that are targeted at the upmarket crowd, I have also started to design clothes that are young, funky, colourful and dirt cheap, exclusively for college girls,” he observes.

In addition to designing clothes, Swapnil says that he uses a lot of wacky stuff, to prop up all his shows. Metal pieces, PVC pipes — anything that adds a streak of craziness to his work is welcome.

“Convincing my models to wear that stuff and walk on eight-inch heels or even bigger ones is the most challenging thing.

But my models know that I will come up with something crazy, so they are all prepared for it,” he laughs.

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