'I looked forward to Indian food'

'I looked forward to Indian food'

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'I looked forward to Indian food'

Delhi’s love for music is not unknown and Delhiites love all forms of music. From classical to rock and from Bollywood to electronic, each genre find its audience in the City.

Therefore, the artists, local, national and international, too enjoy playing here.
Recently, Henry Hurtig, a celebrated DJ born in Finland and raised in Sweden, arrived in Delhi for his first gig in the City.

Now based in Tampere in Finland, Henry started playing at the age of 14 and came to prominence when he teamed up with Mathias Bradler to create Mashtronic in 2004. Their productions soon brought them to an international audience.

As he did not know what would click with the people in Delhi, Henry chose differently for his first gig at Taj Mahal hotel. He set the crowd on fire with his favourite, a blend of progressive/tech-house and techno music.

“As it was the first time for me here in India and I wasn’t sure what would click with the Indian crowd, I chose from a bit wider range,” said Henry, who is better known as
CID Inc.

As a musician, Henry listens to all kinds of music, from alternative rock to jazz to classical. As a producer, he is involved in progressive/tech-house and techno. A self-taught musician, Henry heard and took inspiration from a lot of other DJs.

“I was really fascinated by electronic music and started producing when I was around 12. The pure passion for creating sounds and rave music movement was what triggered the urge to create music.”

Does he think that electronic music is looked upon at par with other genres? “Electronic dance music or EDM, is an ascendant genre that will be climbing the ladder of popularity. That does not mean other genres of music are not gaining popularity.

Nevertheless, electronic music is here to stay for a long time.” Off late, Henri has been playing at some of the best clubs in South America, Argentina and Brazil, Beirut in Lebanon and many more.

When it comes to Indian music and musicians, Arjun Vaghle from the renowned band Jalebee Cartel is only person whose music Henry has heard of. Before coming to India, one thing that he really looked forward to was India’s authentic cuisine. “The only pre-conceived notion about India was its great authentic food which I looked forward to and relished.”

As he had to play three nights back to back, Henry had little time to visit places. He is looking forward to another trip when he can freely enjoy the food and culture here. “I had unfortunately no time for anything else. But I am sure I would be staying a few extra days the next time I come so that I can check out the places,” he hoped.