Today's letters

Today's letters

Police state

The action of the magistrate who remanded the two Mumbai girls to a 14-day custody for posting remarks against Bal Thackeray is hard to decipher. Was he magistrate not required to study the complaint and understand the case before ordering the remand, even if the Policemen did not feel the need to do so before  approaching the Court?
R. Krishnan

The citizens of India are happy to note that the Prime Minister will be brought within the ambit of the Lokpal legislation. Now they want the Lokpal legislation to be enacted and implemented with immediate effect.
Lokpal at centre and Lokayukta at state level should be independent bodies. They should have power to initiate investigation and prosecution against any officer or politician without needing anyone’s permission. Investigation should be completed within one year and trial should get over in the next one year. Within two years, the corrupt should go to jail.
Hansraj Bhat

Barack is Back

This refers to the article, “Obama re-elected US president” (Nov 8, 2012).  This time though, the demands for performance and attention to unsolved issues loom large unlike the last time. Barack Obama deserves a pat for completely exterminating and containing terrorism in the US. Obama’s victory shows that he has infused confidence in Americans by assuring them that the best is yet to come.

The US President is expected to bring about a distinctive change on the social security, health care, and employment fronts in Iran and in Afghanistan. India is also pinning hopes on him to change the course of the history of Indo-US relations.  One hopes that he deals with India with a balanced mind and not end up feeding us with an empty spoon!
K. Chidananda Kumar

Celebrate this Diwali with light, not with smoke

Since crackers cause a lot of pollution, this Diwali, instead of bursting crackers we must concentrate on lighting diyas. After all, it is the festival of light not of noise and pollution. The spirit of Diwali is no longer what it used to be. This Diwali we must stop the practice of crackers to stop pollution and make this country a better place to live in.
Mahesh Kapasi

Modi's marital status


There was nothing wrong in Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh asking Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi about his marital status. Shocked Modi’s supporters have been attacking Digvijay Singh for raising the issue.

It’s true that a first standard teacher at Rajosana Primary School, Jashodaben Chimanlal Modi, is the estranged wife of the most powerful man in Gujarat. While Modi is so secretive about  his own wife, he should not indulge in loose talk about others wives.

Bidyut Kumar Chatterjee

Relief on RTI
This refers to: “Govt. Drops move to curb RTI queries” (DH, Nov 2).  In order to rein in corruption, the UPA government passed the Right to Information (RTI) Act. But as people have begun to use this right, it is seeking to curb it through various amendments. The decision to drop these amendments is a big relief for all those who have opposed the amendment.


Silent prayer


I am a teacher, who regularly has to engage classes near a religious place of worship, where probably wonderful and audibly heart-felt discourses are given through loudspeakers. I am forced to ask the question: why do temples and mosques resort to the use of loudspeakers to address their faithful? I'm a Hindu, but I do not want to be assaulted by Hindu bhajans at 4.30 am in the mornings. Nor do I want Hindu temples to burst my eardrums or cause the old and the infirm of any religious denomination to lose their valuable, therapeutic sleep. Some may feel that this entreaty infringes on their religious freedom. My response is: no religion or religious book propounds the use of loudspeakers, in letter or in spirit.

The Supreme Court of India has given eminently sensible decisions about the use of loudspeakers and the bursting of loud crackers, especially between 10 pm to 6.00 am. Yet, we are routinely subjected to morons wilfully bursting crackers during Diwali season at precisely the hours when human beings need to sleep.

It is truly incredible how the Police choose never to do anything about implementing this particular Supreme Court order!

Vinod Kumar B

Daylight saving time

It would be useful to start "Daylight saving time" in India as well. It gets quite dark by 7pm now and in big cities like Bangalore, it takes more than an hour to get home. Working women would feel more safe if DST is adopted.
J.K.V.Raghu Setty

Bring water-tight land acquisition norms


The proposed land acquisition Bill should have built-in safeguards against willful misuse of state’s power to acquire land. There should be a specific clause in the law to ensure that land acquired by the state cannot be diverted for other purposes. In this context, the government should consider constituting a statutory quasi- judicial body in each state for evaluating the demand for land, so that no public projects are hindered for want of adequate consent from landowners.
C Koshy John

Strengthen Oz-India ties

This refers to 'Moving forward' (DH, October 25). The decision to commence negotiations for a civil nuclear co-operation agreement between India and Australia is a step forward in bilateral relationship. Australia is keen to develop stronger ties with India. There should be strong educational ties as large number of Indian students are going to Australian universities. Tension created by some attacks on Indians have eased, and the Australian government took effective steps to prevent acts of racial hatred. Mutual relations have improved over a period of time.

Advaita Shyam Sunder

Clinch 'polio free country' tag

This refers to "Marching towards completing second year sans polio"(DH, October 25).The World Polio Day on October 24 got masked by the joy of festivals. Barring Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria all other countries are free from polio and the World Health Organisation's aim is to see the cessation of all wild polio virus transmission by the end of 2012. The success of polio eradication programme in India can be attributed to the relentless efforts of the government and various other agencies and their volunteers.

Should India maintain this iron grip over polio till 2014, and there are no reasons to assume on the contrary, it would be declared a polio free country.

Dr.Ganapathi Bhat

Parental guidance must

Dear Sir,

I was shocked to read, that a 15-year old boy from Gorai kidnapped and murdered his eight year cousin after watching the TV show Crime Patrol.  One cannot blame only the television shows or movies for the impact they make on young minds. The buck stops with the parents.

Cajetan Peter D' Souza

Stranglehold of corruption

Dear Sir,
This is in reference to the article ''Revelations about Gadkari tip of the iceberg'' (DH, Oct 18). Skeletons are coming out of the cupboards of political leaders, one after the other. Irrespective of party affiliations these persons have made mockery of public trust.  We need more people like Anna Hazare, Kejriwal and Santosh Hegde to bring in transparency in public life.  I would cast my vote to them if they contest elections.

B N Bharath

Saifeena overkill

I am reading "Deccan Herald" for the last 25 years and am sort of addicted to this daily. But I was disappointed , when I opened the daily on the 16th October, the cover page  had a big photograph of Saif and Kareena's wedding. Is this a news of national importance? Here is a man, who is getting married for the second time, and has been in the news recently for all wrong reasons .

Manu P. Cherian

Waiting for justice


Karnataka has not received enough rain this year. Our reservoirs are not filled to their capacity. Yet, we are under obligation to release water from KRS  to Tamilnadu.   This move has irked the farmers and they have resorted to agitation.  The Supreme Court should be appraised about the ground reality with the hope that the highest judicial authority of our country will deliver justice to the state.
Mudgal Venkatesh

Facebook’s feat


Facebook, has just registered one billion active monthly users. It is amazing that one out of seven people in the world use this service now to connect with their existing friends and develop new contacts. It is also pertinent to note that the majority of the users are young people cutting across race, religion, geography and culture. In other words, Facebook has really become a unifying force in the world today. Its profound influence on people in sharing information can be judged by the fact that many despotic governments try to gag this service fearing mass uprisings.


Ignore Thackeray

Dear Sir,

It is unfortunate that Raj Thackeray is again attacking “Biharis” and singers from across the border. The aim of the shrewd politician is to grab the headlines and occupy the political space partly left behind by Shiv Sena. In Indian democracy, such elements cannot be kept away from the public domain as they have surprisingly large popular base. Interestingly, such demagogues fail if they are deprived of media space and public attention. Any reaction to his hate speech will only elevate him and help him build his political base.

Bichu Muttathara, Pune

Tendulkar’s future

It was a fantastic victory for India against Newzealand in the second Test in Bangalore. Virat Kholi played splendidly scoring a flawless ton in the first innings and a half century in the second. Both Ashwin and Ojha did well with the ball and finally it was an excellent team work. But the only question that lingers in the minds of cricket followers in the country is : 'Why is Tendulkar not bowing out gracefully?.'  He is an icon no doubt, but it looks, it is time for him to say 'bye' and make way for a deserving youngster.

R.G. Srinivas, Bangalore.

The government’s proposal to introduce quotas in promotion is a path breaking move. Since independence the higher echelons of the bureaucracy and decision making has remained mostly in the hands of the upper castes. The scorecard as everyone can see is not very impressive and this cartelisation of power on the basis of caste is not good for a democracy. With the debate getting sharper it is better to pursue the middle path. Reservations can be brought about to an extent of about 10 per cent for the most deserving officers from the weaker sections. This will also leave no room for complacency and expose upper caste hypocrisy with regard to loss of "efficiency".

B. Shivarudraiah, Bangalore

The blame game must stop

This refers to the latest statement made by R.Ashoka, the deputy chief minister at a programme organised by the BJP to launch its membership drive who blamed the previous governments for the present garbage disposal problem which is haunting Bangalore.

It is always easy to blame others for lapses on our part. The current BJP government along with the officials in the BBMP is corrupt to the core. The Government should appoint a Committee which consists of bio chemists, environmentalists and scientists. These experts can apply their knowledge and scientific approach for the disposal of garbage and streamline its utility without polluting the environment. Otherwise the uneducated ignorant power mongers who are ruling the Karnataka State will completely ruin the beauty of the once garden city.

Execute Kasab without delay

This refers to the new item, ‘SC confirms death penalty for Kasab’ (August 30, 2012). The Apex court upholding the death sentence to Ajmal Kasab is a step in the right direction and a deserving punishment for the only attacker who was captured alive in the 2008 Mumbai attack. Every Indian is heaving a sigh of relief that appropriate justice has been delivered finally, albeit four years after the macabre attacks.  Crores have been spent form the public exchequer to secure and retain Ajmal Kasab behind bars in India, and we should not waste further time or money on the dreaded terrorist. The option of the Presidential mercy petition if resorted to should be attended promptly without any delay.

K. Chidanand Kumar

Only a reversal of roles
The Congress and the BJP as the principal political parties in India have been disappointing when it comes to taking decisions and functioning in the best interest of the country and its people. Whether these parties are in power or in opposition, we have been witnessing a pattern of reversal of roles by them and their alliance formulations. They are the two sides of the same coin.  While in power they want to loot the country and when opposition parties their entire focus and efforts are directed towards bringing down the government. The Parliament has become an arena and a theatre of the absurd for these unscrupulous political denominations and so called guardians of the Constitution.

The current round of rabble rousing in the Parliament and bringing its functioning to a standstill is very well orchestrated to serve the needs and convenience of the political class. Corruption, mismanagement and disruption of Parliament are fast becoming accepted democratic norms.  The common man unfortunately is completely powerless to change the current system of governance.

Zulfikhar Akram

Pak’s nuclear weapons, a cause of concern

I refer to the article “Unstable Pakistan, Nuclear Spillover” by Harsh V.Pant. Pakistan has been a source of anguish to the international community and, for India as a neighbour it is matter of serious concern given its historical acrimony. Pakistan is not only emerging as a terrorist haven but is also a nuclear enabled nation. The terrorist roam freely in the major cities of Pakistan unfettered with million dollar bounties.

The long term implications of these terror attacks on the potential sites where nuclear arms are allegedly stored are frightening. Pakistan’s long history of inadequate controls over its sensitive nuclear arsenal and information has created an unprecedented risk and may need special steps to undo them before it gets into the hands of the terrorists. It is perfectly sensible to believe that Pakistan might not be the safest place on Earth to store 100 or more nuclear weapons. Every missile that Pakistan tests are nuclear enabled and is pointed at India given the proximity of major cities of both countries. India can never afford to let its guard down against Pakistan

Insensitive MLAs

Our MLAs, irrespective of the party they belong to are more interested in serving themselves than the people of the State. Despite the innumerable problems plaguing the State, they have embarked on “Study Tours” with their families on tax payers’ money.

Let us wait for their return with bags full of solutions for our problems.  Who knows we may have better living conditions thereafter. After all, people live on hopes.

Dr.Prasad Gupta

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