Unmukt visits St Stephen's

Unmukt visits St Stephen's

Under-19 cricket captain Unmukt Chand visited the St Stephen's College here, which recently promoted him to second year despite low attendance.

He was previously barred from taking the first and second semester examination due to poor attendance.

The university had faced criticism for its “ethically correct” decision, after the Indian colts, led by Chand, brought home the under-19 world cup.

“Chand should play for the college cricket team also,” said the principal Valson Thampu, who had earlier said he does not have discretionary power to promote Chand.

“It is not our college principal’s fault. The university does not give any such powers to the principals to act in such emergencies,” said the sports head, on the issue of barring Chand from writing the examination, thus putting him in a situation where he had to look for legal help or drop a year.

The alumni association of St Stephen’s college had also written to the Vice Chancellor (VC) seeking his intervention.