WB govt to compensate rape victims

WB govt to compensate rape victims

The Cabinet on Thursday decided to compensate financially women, who are subjected to crimes including rape and trafficking.

“The scheme is aimed at compensating victims of crime against women. The guidelines have been drawn up mainly to pay compensation to victims of rape and human trafficking. There is a Central government scheme to safeguard the interest of the oppressed women and we have modified it and made it more humane," Panchayat Minister Subrata Mukherjee told reporters after the Cabinet meeting at Writers’ Building on Thursday.

The compensation included Rs two lakh in case of death and Rs 50,000 for loss of limb or a part of body, resulting in handicap of 80 per cent or above.

Mukherjee said, “The death can be due to rape or any other kind of domestic violence. Anything other than death due to political violence will be compensated. The same is applicable is case of losing any human part,” he added.

The scheme also allows compensation of Rs 20,000 in case of loss of limb or part of the body resulting in handicap of between 40 per cent and 80 per cent and Rs 10,000 for loss of limb or part of the body resulting in below 40 per cent handicap. “So far as rape is concerned, in case the victim is a minor, she will get a financial compensation of Rs 30,000 and in case the victim is an adult she will get a compensation of Rs 20,000,” Mukherjee said. “Apart from this, all those who are subjected to this kind of oppression will get an additional Rs 20,000 for rehabilitation,” Mukherjee said.

“A high-powered committee headed by district magistrates would be set up in each district which would decide on eligibility for compensation under the scheme,” Mukherjee added.

“Our government is humane in the truest sense of the term and the decision of extending compensation to victims of oppressions is a step in that direction, " Mukherjee said.