Looking forward to an Indian experience

Looking forward to an Indian experience

The moment Metrolife entered the residence of the Federal Republic of Germany’s Ambassador, the enthusiastic gentleman gave an idea of how he and his wife are planning to redo the interiors and landscaping the lawns.

Here to serve his country since July instant, His Excellency Michael Steiner is looking forward to his term and stay in India.

Steiner and his wife Eliese, are all set to revamp their residence.

“Germany shares 60 years of diplomatic relationship with India. This building was built in the 50s but now when India is an emerging superpower, we hope to adopt the interiors of a new India,” he smiles.

Having visited India on earlier occasions too, Steiner shares, “If I compare India of today with what it was 10-12 years back, it has changed a lot. A major change is the rising middle class. The people here are quite dynamic and when you meet them for business, you can see this. India commands a lot of respect abroad.

It is seen as the largest country in Asia and is warm, both in hospitality and weather,” he jokes and adds, “When we came in May, the heat was like a beast jumping on us but now the sky is blue – like it is in Germany.”

On a more personal note, he shares that he had met Eliese while serving as Ambassador to Italy and San Marino, Rome.

Was it was love at first sight in Rome? “Our courtship started in Rome when I was recommended her name as somebody who could familiarise me with Roman culture. It began there, yes. Since then, we have travelled quite a lot, professionally, before coming to India.”

The couple is in love with Indian culture and food. Being a vegetarian, Steiner loves paneer and kulfi. On a lighter note, the Ambassador shares, “I felt so good coming back to India from Bavaria (where he had gone for an official visit and the food comprised primarily non-vegetarian dishes) for I got to eat vegetarian delights like matar paneer and paneer tikka! If given a choice between Italian ice-creams and Indian kulfi, I will definitely choose the latter!”

For future, travelling is the foremost thing on His Excellency’s to-do list. “It would be fantastic if I get to visit all the 29 Indian states!” The one thing he hopes to accomplish here is, “to organise a first-class cultural event in Kashmir.” We hope you do too!