Guv returns 2 varsity bills

Guv returns 2 varsity bills

Secretariat sources said the Governor, on Tuesday, returned the bills with his comments to the State Legislature to reconsider certain provisions of the bills. It is said the Governor is of the view that only the chancellor should be vested with authority to appoint vice-chancellors. And, there should be no governmental interference in this regard.

The bills, passed by the legislature in July, were aimed at replacing the ordinances for establishing a new agriculture university in Raichur and a horticulture university in Bagalkot. Both the ordinances have lapsed leading to no law supporting the establishment of the universities.

The Governor opined that autonomy to universities should not be curtailed by allowing the government to have a say in appointment of vice-chancellors. The provisions made in the bills should be reconsidered, the Governor has reportedly said.
With the bills not getting accent of the Governor, now both have to be reintroduced and passed in the legislature. The BJP has a majority in the assembly. The government may promulgate an ordinance to keep the varsities functioning. Both the varsities have begun admission for first year.

Like for the general universities under the Karnataka State Universities Act 2000, the government has made provisions for constitution of search committees for the horticulture and agriculture universities. A search committee of the horticulture university consists of the director, ICAR, Chairman, UGC or his nominee, one nominee of the chancellor and one nominee of the State government. It also has authority to recommend a panel of three names for the post of vice-chancellor.

Dr Thimmappa, former vice-chancellor of BU, said the government’s intereference begins by appointing the chairman on the search committee. “When the government appoints a chairman how can the search committee members have freedom to express their mind when it comes to selection? Only the chancellor should have a say in the selection.” he pointed out.