Think before you talk

Think before you talk

To talk is an essential factor for human beings to lead a life of fulfilment. Talking is the easiest and strongest way of communication, which ties one with others. But sometimes, this same act of talking creates a lot of trouble in our lives.

The story of the Mahabharata is the best example to realise up to what extent a slip of the tongue can create crisis. A heart-breaking word that escaped the tongue of a woman sparked the destruction of the whole dynasty.

These words had sown a seed of hatred and revenge in the mind of Duryodhan and this fire of revenge not only claimed the whole dynasty of Kauravas, but also Draupadi herself lost her father, brother and all her children. Such was the terrible outcome of just a slip of the tongue.

The  Almighty Authority, Supreme Godfather, has always said, “Sweet children, flowers and jewels of knowledge should always come out from your mouth and not the stones and thorns that will give others  sorrow.” Hence, our way of talking should always be the one that gives others bliss and makes them feel blessed and elevated.

A person who thinks and then speaks would always be considered a ‘sensible’. There are many people in this world who have soured their relations with almost everyone only because of a silly ‘slip of the tongue’. Hence, we must always remember, that talking with the use of proper words at a proper time and in a proper place would make our ‘talk’ valuable and successful.

But this is possible only when we have the habit of thinking about what we are going to talk. So, always “think before you talk” and save yourself from miseries.