'I was always pretty popular'

'I was always pretty popular'

Rising Star

'I was always pretty popular'

From theatre to the big screen, Ayushman Khurana has worn many hats. But what he enjoys the most is being a part of a commercial flick. In fact, he is pretty clear about his love for commercial Bollywood cinema.

“I love commercial cinema and I am open to doing anything on screen, whether it is romancing the heroine or shaking a leg. It is my profession and I have no qualms about even kissing on screen,” says the dashing actor.

His journey is pretty filmi too — a small town boy, he earned fame when he came to Mumbai. However, there is a small twist. “I was always pretty popular, whether it was in school or college.

I started my own theatre companies in Chandigarh and went on to be a part of a reality show. But unlike others, who shift to Mumbai after winning reality shows, I decided to go back to Chandigarh.

I was a radio jockey and then a VJ. I did not have to give many auditions — even when I was offered Vicky Donor,” he says.

“As far as Vicky Donor was concerned, John played a huge part in promoting the film. He was there with us while we were promoting it and he used to draw a huge crowd. He was a great help to all of us,” he adds.

When asked if portraying the unconventional role of a sperm donor was challenging, he says, “It was challenging — but in this case, the subject was the hero. It became easier for me since the subject was rather quirky.

I was very sure that it would work. The best part was that it was made in such a great way that nothing appeared vulgar.”

Not everyone knows that the young actor is married. “I studied in an all-boys school and then an all-boys college. My wife and I have known each other for the last 11 years. I often say that she was the first girl I got to know and hence, I married her. Jokes apart, we love each other and she understands the needs of my profession. We trust each other — that keeps us going,” he explains.

He adds that he loves spending time with his family. “I don’t party much, since I am a teetotaller. I prefer being with my family then at parties,” he says. 

Currently, the actor is shooting for his next project Nautanki Sala. “Nataunki Sala is about a theatre actor and is based in Delhi. It is something that I relate to, as I have been actively involved in theatre since I was five years old.

There is a dichotomy in the character sketch which is very interesting. I am also
working in Hamara Bajaj,” adds Ayushman.

In terms of style, he doesn’t believe in trying too hard. “Style does not come overnight; each person develops his or her own style. There should not be a drastic change in the personality of a person. I wear what suits my personality,” he informs.

He also says that he will act in films which excite him. “I have never had any plans and will never have one. As of now, I don’t want to get typecast,” he sums up.

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