Krishna for State-TN talks on Cauvery

Krishna for State-TN talks on Cauvery

Endorsing Karnataka’s decision not to go by the Cauvery River Authority’s order, External Affairs Minister S M Krishna has said that Karnataka and Tamil Nadu should hold conciliatory meetings to resolve the water dispute.

In a written statement released by his office on Friday, Krishna has said that both the states should hold talks, and that the cases pending before the Cauvery Tribunal or the Supreme Court would not come in the way of such talks.

He has stated that he reciprocates the feelings of the farmers of Mandya region.


“I hail from Mandya. My commitment to the region is more than just making circumstance based announcements. However, we need to understand that there are clear routes to fight for justice within the framework of the Constitution and the judiciary, thereby safeguarding our interests.”

Krishna has also said that he would support the Karnataka government if it wanted to move the Supreme Court questioning the CRA order.

“It is a known fact that water levels have depleted in all the State reservoirs. All political parties are aware that the tribunal’s intervention hasn’t been effective as both Karnataka and Tamil Nadu have not been agreeable with the directives. It is best to adopt the conciliatory method,” Krishna added.