BJP to invite Modi to Nitish's fiefdom

BJP to invite Modi to Nitish's fiefdom

In what appears to be widening chasm between the two ruling allies in Bihar, the BJP has decided to organise a party rally in Patna in which it will invite Nitish Kumar’s arch-rival Narendra Modi.

The BJP’s show of strength, known as ‘Hunkar rally’, is being seen as an answer to Nitish’s ‘Adhikar rally’ which is slated to be held at the historic Gandhi Maidan in Patna on November 4.

“We will invite all the Chief Ministers of the BJP-ruled states for the party rally which will be held in Patna in April 2013. Narendra Modi will also be one of the invitees,” said Bihar BJP president Dr CP Thakur here on Friday, implying thereby that Modi will be re-elected as Gujarat CM in December Assembly elections.

The move has raised eyebrows within the ruling coalitions, though both the BJP and the JD (U) are guarded in their response over the latest move by the saffron camp.

Such is Nitish’s antipathy for Narendra Modi that he ensured Bihar remained out of bounds for the Gujarat leader during 2010 State Assembly elections. The Nitish-Modi spat turned for worse when the JD (U) strongman, while talking about the NDA prime-ministerial candidate, said in an interview “The leader of the coalition should have secular credentials and liberal frame of mind. He should be someone who has absolute faith in democratic values in a multi-religious and multi-lingual country like ours.”

The statement was seen as Nitish’s bid to scuttle Modi’s chances for the country’s top executive post.