Fennell to seek operational changes in meeting with PM

Fennell to seek operational changes in meeting with PM

With the Commonwealth Games a year away, CGF steps up efforts

“CGF President Michael Fennell will arrive in Delhi next week looking to fast-track operational changes designed to deliver a successful Commonwealth Games in October 2010,” the CGF said in a statement.

Apart from meeting Singh, Fennell will also preside over meetings of the CGF’s Executive Board and all member nations, and advise them of strategies to address the Federations concern about Delhi’s preparedness to host the Games.

“With only one year to go, Fennell is intensely aware of the tight time line that faces the Delhi organisers,” the statement read.

Fennell had written to the Games Organising Committee on September 13, expressing serious concern about the slow pace of preparations.

Fennell said the key to getting the Games preparations back on track will be his meeting with Prime Minister Singh.

“We still have a year to go, and it is possible to deliver a successful Games. However, to achieve this there will have to be a renewed focus by management across the operations of the Organising Committee,” he said.

“The Indian Government, as a co-signatory of the Host City Contract, is committed to delivering a successful Games in 2010, and I know that Prime Minister Singh sees this as a matter of national pride and prestige for India,” Fennell added.

Fennel said he expects the Organising Committee to implement the changes that have been recommended by the CGF for the successful conduct of the Games, which according to an internal assessment could end being a “partial failure”.

“The CGF has endeavoured to create a positive environment about the Games based on the undertakings of the Organising Committee to implement changes we have recommended. “The challenges now facing the Games are enormous. Immediate changes will be required and, in particular, close attention to many issues raised by the CGF’s Coordination Commission,” he said.

Fennell once again stressed on the need to have personnel, with previous experience of organising big events, in Delhi Games Organising Committee.
“Games-experienced personnel must be appointed immediately. People with a track record of delivering for major events -- to lead key management, planning and operational roles.

“These operational areas include accreditation, transportation, technology, ticketing, spectator services, protocol, press operations, communications, logistics and medical,” he said.

Fennell said it was important that the decision-making process is expedited to ensure that there are no further delays in implementing plans.