Alert traffic cops rescue 2 occupants from burning car

Alert traffic cops rescue 2 occupants from burning car

Smoke was coming out of vehicle which later caught fire

Timley intervention of two traffic police constables saved the lives of two occupants stuck inside a car which caught fire at a busy traffic intersection in south Delhi. 

The incident occurred around 7 pm on Maa Anandmai Marg crossing near Hotel Crown Plaza in south Delhi.  

According to traffic officials, constable Laxmi Narain and Ashok Rai were regulating traffic at the intersection when a Hyundai Accent car approached from Lal Quan side to Kalkaji.  

“There was lot of smoke billowing out from the vehicle which had two occupants aged about 30-35 years inside it. While they struggled to come out, Narain showed presence of mind and opened the door next to the driver,” said Satyendra Garg, joint commissioner of police (traffic).

“While the doors got locked, the driver, later identified as Pitul, was struggling because of the smoke,” said Garg.   

Narain then opened all the other doors of the car which was emitting smoke all around. The other occupant identified as Naveen also came out. The vehicle caught fire moments after both of them were pulled out, Garg said.

Meanwhile, Rai, who was operating traffic at the intersection at the time of incident, manoeuvred the traffic signal in a way to stop traffic from all four sides.  
Soon fire brigade and PCR vehicle were called on the spot. They put out fire from the burning vehicle, officials said.

“Names of the two constables are being forwarded for a cash reward and commendation roll by commissioner of police for the excellent work done by them,” Garg added.