Today's Letters.

Today's Letters.

Red Chinese Dragon ready to devour India

China's offer of separate Visas for Kashmiris is nothing short of open attack on India's Sovereignty. No Government worth its salt would tolerate such blatant assault on its territorial integrity.

Now if one links this along with the recent article published in the new edition of the website of the China International Institute for Strategic Studies (CIISS), an influential think tank that advises Beijing on global and strategic issues, where the author under the pseudonym Zhanlue (strategy in Chinese), writes "China can dismember the so-called 'Indian Union' with one little move!".... China can give political support to Bangladesh, to encourage ethnic Bengalis in India get rid of 'Indian control' and unite with Bangladesh as one Bengali nation... " " ... the caste system can be eradicated and the region can march towards prosperity. The Chinese strategist suggests to split India, China can seek support of friendly countries including Pakistan, Nepal and Bhutan. ".... " ...... India's sense of national unity was weak and Beijing's best option to remove an emerging rival and security threat would be to support separatist forces, like those in Assam, to bring about a collapse of the Indian federal state. ..... The writer goes on to argue that with these caste cleavages in mind, China in its own interest and the progress of whole of Asia should join forces with 'different nationalities' like Assamese, Tamilians and Kashmiris and support them in establishing independent nation states of their own.

In particular, the article asks Beijing to support the United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA), a militant separatist group in the Indian northeast, to it achieve independence for Assam from India..." the intentions of PRC to dismember India become obvious . It is high time the Government and people of India sit up and show the door to the Chinese and unequivocally tell them to get out of Tibet.

The recent actions of China only proves the Famous Statement of wise UN diplomat way back in 1950 after China attacked Tibet " If you fail to speak up for the a freedom of others you embolden those to take away yours." Indian Government has failed miserably in supporting Tibetan Cause ever since 1949 and allowed the Chinese Dragon to devour Tibet. Now the same Dragon is preparing to devour India.

Captain (Retd). H. Rajagopal

Thekkady boat tragedy

Thekkady boat tragedy was terrible, to say the least.The boat capsized due to the overloading and also there were no proper rescue measures which resulted in the mishap. It is very much distressing that such accidents are on the increase. Govt should have taken proper and clear steps with the arrangements of life guards and also safety belts as precautions to avert such accidents. There is no logic in giving compensation just to gain some political mileage and cheap publicity with eyes on the vote bank. What is needed is fool proof action to avert such tragedies. Firstly, it is the fault of the concerned authorities who should have be alert enough to not allow more than the allotted number of people on the boats. Secondly, the enthusiastic families throng and create a sort of stampede which make it difficult for the authorities to control them. Proper safety measures and secured infra-structure could have averted this mishap. The Govt should take some action against the concerned authorities to ensure that such accidents dont occur again in the future.


Stop Fooling the Public

Attempts to arrest the elusive Quatrocchi, alleged to be involved in the Bofors bribery scandal, have proved to be non-starters. On one legal pretext or the other Mr. Quatrocchi has managed to stay clear from the long arm of our law. It was like chasing a black cat in a dark room. The CBI wants to close the case against Quatrocchi which is politically loaded move but nevertheless pragmatic. That would at least save the taxpayers' money in such a futile exercise which the Opposition parties have been performing all these years but with little advantage to them. People have all but forgotten the decades old Bofors case which has consumed time, energy and resources with little results to show. The NDA, too, when in power failed to make any headway. Though the Opposition parties might still want to use this move as a stick to beat the ruling Congress, we have to accept the reality that it is one of those cases where justice failed to deliver punishment to the guilty.

D.B.N. Murthy
I Block, Jayanagar

Wake Up TV Media!

The two recent strikes in the airlines by Jet Airways and Air India, and the over the top coverage by the electronic media showed how much India has moved towards looking at air travel as an essential part of ones lives or how much off target the electronic media is in representing India. Is so much coverage necessary for a category of travel which is essentially catering to the business and corporate community and to those who look for convenience as a necessity, the rich and wealthy and to a certain extent the old and the infirm? Otherwise the majority of India travels on its railway network. The number of people the railways carries in a day is probably hundreds or a thousand times more than the people who fly in our airlines. But even then no TV news channel carries news of the railways whenever there is a dislocation in service or that the facilities offered to passengers by the railway network are below par. The passenger amenities and security in the railways has taken a beating in the past few years and it is important that this be highlighted such that it draws the attention of the higher-ups in the Railway Ministry and something is done about it. The media will thus help to contribute to the betterment of a major part of the traveling public if it concentrates on the railways and not on the airlines, or is it that the visual media has put on blinders so that they look only at a prospering India but neglect a stumbling Bharat!  

Thanking you
S Kamat
Bardez, Goa