With plenty of practice

With plenty of practice

With plenty of practice

Sneha Harish recently presented a bharatanatyam recital as part of the ‘Every Friday Cultural Evening Programme’, by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations. She danced on the theme of the Dashavatara of Lord Vishnu. The auditorium was full and her performance was widely appreciated.

Sudha, an audience member, says, “The performance was very good. Her expressions were intense; it shows that the dancer has put in a lot of effort for this event.. However, it was not an individual’s effort; I think every person in the team — the flautist and the singer — made it successful.”

Sneha rigorously danced for two hours and maintained a high level of energy. “I think the dancer performed really well. The varna that depicted Narasimha avatara was elegantly done. Such kinds of acts require a lot of energy and practice, which she showed.

I am delighted that I came here,” says Ramapriya, also from the audience.
D V Muniswamy feels that the act of Narasimha avatara was not elaborative enough, though.

He says, “Though the performance was good, I think they dealt with Draupadi’s vastraharana in too much detail. Instead of that, they could have elaborated a little more on Narasimha avatara.”

The last act of the evening, Baagilanu theredu, was an invocation to Lord Vishnu and went down well with the audience. The dancer managed to portray a deep devotion for the god. Savithri, another member of the audience, says, “I think the last act was really good. The dancer’s involvement was very much evident in it.”

Karthik Hebbar, a classical singer who provided vocal support to the performance, adds, “I really enjoyed today’s show. A classical singer’s success, to a large extent, depends on his chemistry with the dancer. Even if the lyrics and choreography are the same, the vibes that the dancer sends out have a huge impact on the singer. Today, Sneha performed really well; she is a seasonal dancer, and her involvement elevated me as a singer.”

Sneha dedicated all her success to her guru, Bhanumati. She says, “I am 21 years old now, and have been practising this art for the last 11 years. And throughout this journey, my guru Bhanumati from the Nritya Kalamandarim has always been there for me. I could not have imagined today’s performance without her support. I owe all this to her.”