'Money not a problem for rescue operations'

'Money not a problem for rescue operations'

“The primary task at this hour is to rescue stranded people. Sufficient funds are available with the deputy commissioners to take up rescue and relief operations. The challenge of rebuilding the ravaged villages comes next, said S M Jaamdar, Nodal Officer for Relief Operations.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, the officer who is on a field visit to the flood-hit areas said that the situation is well under control when it comes to activating and rushing the rescue machinery to affected areas.

Jaamdar said the Union government has been co-operating very well with the State authorities in carrying out the operations.  It has sent seven helicopters on Friday and three on Saturday. Dropping of food packets and airlifting of the people has been going on in the affected places.  Pune’s National Disaster Management Authority has rushed boats and people trained in evacuation. They have come with swimmers, life jackets and food packets.

“I have requested the Defence ministry to send an aircraft with 20 inflatable boats. It will be coming from Ahmedbad and land in Thorangal. We can send more rescue teams to Raichur, Bellary and Bijapur,” he added.

Situation is grave

Asked on the major task on his hand, Jaamdar said the situation is grave though the water is receding. “Reaching people stuck in waters is a tough task. Mantralaya has submerged after 16 years and 150 people are to be rescued there.” The officer said that it may require less than two to three weeks to restore normalcy. The priority now is to provide shelter, food, clothing and medicine.

“Later we have the task of rebuilding the villages and lives of the people. The villages have to be cleaned, electricity connections have to be restored and roads laid.  That’s going to be a major challenge. In 2005 the same villages were affected in the floods,”, he recalled.