Trigger for Gulbarga accident still unclear

Trigger for Gulbarga accident still unclear

The authorities are yet to establish the cause of the fire that ravaged a bogie of the Gulbarga-Solapur passenger train stationed at the platform number 3 of the railway station here on Tuesday. The accident  charred two people to death, and inflicted four others with burns.

inferno: A police officer extinguishes flames which erupted on a bogie of the Gulbarga-Solapur train on Tuesday, while the train was still on the platform in Gulbarga station. dh photo

Surviving passengers told police that they had had heard a loud explosion which was followed by thick smoke and fire.

One passenger, Naseem Banu, who was going to Solapur for medical treatment, said that he saw a saw a trickle of fuel just before the explossion. “I was eating lunch and suddenly I saw a trickle of kerosene oil below my seat. Before I could realise what was happening, I heard a huge explosion and rushed out of the coach,”  he said.

Another passenger, Gopal Guttedar said that about five boys were moving in the coach suspiciously, closing all the windows and doors of the coach — just moments before the explosion. 

When the fire engulfed the entire coach. Guttedar threw his grandson out, to safety and pushed his wife through the window before following her out. Fortunately, the window did not have a grill.

Suresh, a passenger bound for Barutgi in Maharashatra said that, “I was reading a newspaper, when I suddenly I heard an explosion followed by smoke and fire. I pushed two children out from the door before I got out myself.’’ 

He said some railway policemen made vain attempts to put out the fire using two fire extinguishers in the bogey, but proved unable to operate the equipment.