Epileptic patient's organs donated

Epileptic patient's organs donated

 The organs of an epileptic patient who was declared brain dead after suffering head injury in an accident, were donated after his family gave consent to cadaver transplantation.

Varghese KP, 36, is the donor. He was hit by a moving vehicle while crossing the road near Hebbal, recently. Thomas, Varghese’s brother, said that he dropped Varghese to visit a shop near Hebbal.

“He developed seizures while crossing the road and  was hit by a moving vehicle.”
Varghese was soon rushed to Baptist Hospital where doctors declared him brain-dead.

Although Varghese’s family members were little aware of cadaver transplants and organ donation, with the help of Zonal Coordination Committee of Karnataka for Transplantation (ZCCK) counsellors, the family agreed for organ retrieval. Varghese’s kidneys were transplanted on the needy recipients from a private hospital. Besides, heart valves and cornea were also retrieved from the donor.   

ZCCK, a government-appointed body to look into cadaver transplants, has so far been able to co-ordinate 44 transplants since its inception in 2007.

This year alone, 14 donations have taken place with the help of ZCCK counsellors. 
As per their records, 859 recipients are awaiting donors with 729 patients for kidney, 65 for liver, 32 for heart and eight recipients for lungs.

Four recipients are waiting for a heart and a lung, one patient each for kidney and pancrea and kidney and liver.