Waiting for the underpass to complete

Waiting for the underpass to complete

Work on the railway underpass near Sir M Visvesvaraya District Stadium, connecting Kelaginathota Layout to BB Road is in progress. The underpass, with a modern design, is the first of its kind in the city.

The work on this underpass has put the surrounding area in a disarray. However, the citizens are hopeful that an underpass would mean they need not wait for a long time at a railway level-crossing. The work is expected to complete by another six months to one year.
The demand for the underpass was there since a long time.

However, due to lack of funds and other reasons it had continued to remain just a demand. The completion and commissioning of the underpass is expected to ease the traffic congestion.

It will also bring an end to the long wait at the railway level crossing for the trains to pass. It is also expected to bring down pollution as it will provide direct access BB Road.

However, the people expect the fast completion of the project as the ongoing work is a cause of dust pollution. Both  the vehicle drivers and pedestrians experience difficulties.

There is an apprehension that the ongoing works on the underpass and railway extension work may affect the Sai Baba temple near the Sir M Visvesvaraya district stadium.

The compound wall of the temple premises has been demolished to carry on the underpass work.

Already in the process of construction of the underpass a concrete statue of visvesvaraya has been removed and the a portion of the land belonging to the stadium has been taken over.