Kejriwal slapped legal notice for "defaming" Sheila Dikshit

Kejriwal slapped legal notice for "defaming" Sheila Dikshit

Kejriwal slapped legal notice for "defaming" Sheila Dikshit

Activist Arvind Kejriwal was today served with a legal notice by Delhi Chief Minister's political advisor Pawan Khera for allegedly defaming Sheila Dikshit.

Kejriwal has been asked to tender an "unconditional public apology" for levelling "baseless allegations and aspersions" using "foul and filthy" language.

The notice, which accused Kejriwal of making "derogatory" remarks about the Chief Minister, was sent to the activist by Dikshit's political advisor Pawan Khera.

"Immediately withdraw all the allegations and aspersions made by you against Sheila Dikshit, the Chief Minister of Delhi which has thus defamed my client and the office of Chief Minister of Delhi, in talk shows in at least on three prominent channels and newspapers in equal if not more prominence than the original defamatory content.

"Tender an unconditional public apology to my client to her satisfaction through print and electronic media with regard to the said baseless allegations and aspersions and using foul and filthy language," the notice said.

Kejriwal has been organising protests against power tariff hike in the capital and levelling allegations that the government was in collusion with power discoms.

The notice said the word "dalal" (broker) was used for the Chief Minister in a talk show.

It also asked him to refrain from using any such filthy language unbecoming of civil-public discourse in future.

"In case of failure to comply with this notice within a period of two days of receipt of this legal notice, you shall render yourself jointly and severally liable to face appropriate civil as well as criminal proceedings under the relevant provisions of the law at your risk as to cost and consequences," the notice filed by lawyer Mehmood Pracha said.

Reacting to the legal notice, Kejriwal told a protest here that he will continue doing this till "corrupt practices" are done away with.

"We will continue to defame you till injustice and corruption are done away with," he said.