Romney won the debate, claims his running mate Paul Ryan

Last Updated 04 May 2018, 08:13 IST

Asserting that Mitt Romney has clear vision for foreign policy, his vice presidential running mate Paul Ryan today accused that US President Barack Obama did not give any agenda on the matter and instead was busy attacking the Republican rival during the presidential debate.

"I think this was a fantastic debate. I think Governor Romney won this debate," Ryan told the ABC news in an interview.

Most of the snap polls following the final presidential debate in Florida, which was on foreign policy, declared Obama was winner.

"What they got from Mitt Romney, clear answers, a clear vision for foreign policy, very clear distinctions in how we should go forward with this country. What we got from President Obama were mostly attacks on Mitt Romney. That's not an agenda. And we really actually didn't get an agenda for how we should move our country forward on foreign policy," Ryan said.

"He (Obama) tried to defend his record. It's a bad record. Turn on your TV, and you can see that the Obama foreign policy is unraveling before us. Iran is closer to a nuclear weapon. Syria is slaughtering their people. The Arab spring is quickly becoming an

Islamist winter in some countries, and we look weaker across the world," he said.
When pointed out that according to a CBS poll Obama won by a 30 point margin, Ryan alleged that Obama spent half his time attacking Romney, not offering a new vision.

"What Mitt Romney said, here's how we can do a better job on Iran policy, here's what we should have done in all of these other areas and, more importantly, I think he gave a great job of articulating a vision for America's roles in the world; having a strong economy, a strong America at home, a strong military and being very resolute and certain in defense of our values overseas," he said.

At the same time Ryan said he and Romney agrees on a several issues with Obama.

"On some things we do agree. We agree on the decision to get Osama bin Laden. We agree 2014 transition with Afghanistan. We agree on the president's decision to carry forward the Bush administration drone strike policy," he said.

"But where we do disagree is on the president's handling of Iran. We do disagree with his Russia policy. We do disagree with these devastating military cuts which make us look weaker, which hollow out our military.

"We believe that a strong economy at home promotes strong foreign policy abroad, and we believe we never should hesitate to speak up for freedom, for democracy, for equal rights, for women's rights.

"That's what a good foreign policy does, and that's why we saw from Mitt Romney in this debate the kind of demeanor and the kind of temperament and the kind of leader we need," Ryan said.

(Published 23 October 2012, 16:35 IST)

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