Spontaneity is the byword here

Spontaneity is the byword here

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Spontaneity is the byword here

For ace painter Sanjay Bhattacharya anything usual or unusual that grabs his attention easily finds a way through his painting brush and is portrayed by him in an extraordinary form.

An artistic gene inside the painter is switched on, exploring all possible ways of expressing the beauty on huge canvasses. 

From capturing the images of Kolkata to paying tribute to former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in his larger-than-life images, Sanjay Bhattacharya has won accolades at global and national level for his amazingly beautiful and mesmerising work.

Some of the achievements to his credit are his paintings which adorn the walls of Indian High Commission, London and the Parliament. Indeed, his paintings have also been pu­rc­hased by the Gandhi family.

After many solo shows, Sanjay is once again ready to showcase his talent through ‘Existence’ and ‘Emerging Krishna’ - his upcoming exhibitions. To give his paintings a poetic touch, Sanjay will showcase his drawings narrating poetry written by him.

“Poetry happens spontaneously, so does painting. The collection is inspired by events around me. It can be said they are a combination of imagination, exaggeration and practicality,” says Sanjay.

Directly playing with oil colours on the canvas without using pencils, Sanjay captures the image of a young man taking a refreshing bath; ants foraging for grain; a woman cooking in a make­shift village kitchen, and several other moments picked up from every day life.

“When I saw a labourer bathing at a construction site, the question that occurred to me was ‘where was the water going?’ I realised that the water was actually strengthening the newly constructed foundation of the building. I have explored such events around me, penned them down and then tried to interpret them visually,” he opines.

Sanjay has for the first time used Bengali calligraphy as designs on his artworks.
Counted amongst the top Indian artists today, Sanjay was born in 1958 and began his career in 1988 after completing graduation from Government College of Art and Craft, Kolkata.

Having specialised in water and oils, Sanjay says that he does not believe in showing off his techniques.

It’s his observation and the experience that influence his paintings. “When I draw, I do not restrict my canvas to my visuals. When I draw the first line, the remaining space makes way for the second line. It moves with spontaneity,” shares Sanjay.

The 54-year old is not only passionate about paintings but is also inclined towards photography.

He likes to take pictures from reel cameras, but has not yet clicked any interesting picture from his newly-purchased SLR digital camera.

‘Existence’ will open on October 25 at Visual Art Gallery, IHC, and his  ‘Emerging Krishna’ collection will open at Religare Art Gallery on November 23.

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