Sleepless nights at relief centres

Sleepless nights at relief centres

But within minutes, all hell broke loose and the water of Nagnur canal gushed into their houses, engulfing everything that came its way.

The people of Nagnur were in the four relief centres set up in a school and temples near the village and were sleepless following the news that an irrigation tank in Bhendwad village of Raibag taluk might breach anytime and add to the floods caused by the canal water. The canal passes near the Bhendwad irrigation tank and if breached, the water would cause more damage than havoc witnessed on Friday.

Yallappa, who was sitting helplessly in the relief centre, told this correspondent that they had never seen such large scale havoc in generations. Despite all precautions, some cattle and household articles still got washed away in the canal on Friday.

Similar was the case of Balappa from the same village, who seemed to be in a state of shock following collapse of his house. At least a 1,000 homes have  collapsed either partially or fully and some are on the verge of collapse.

Though there has been no rain for the past two days, people are still not ready return to their houses fearing that they might collapse anytime.