Kejriwal digs deeper into power slab hike

Kejriwal digs deeper into power slab hike

Not satisfied with DERC’s October 22 decision to cut power tariff moderately after much hue and cry by opposition parties, activist-turned-politician Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday filed an RTI application to “unearth the entire conspiracy behind power tariff hike”.

While the Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission and the city government argued that the hike in power tariff had become necessary due to increase in electricity prices by generating companies, Kejriwal said discoms in Delhi have always been making a huge profit.

He said the former DERC chairperson had even recommended slashing power tariff. Using the Right to Information Act, Kejriwal said he aims to establish the fact “that companies are making profit and the former DERC chairperson had also recommended tariff reduction”.

Requesting prompt information, the first question in Kejriwal’s application says, “Is it true that the then chairperson of DERC had drafted a tariff order in April-May 2010, which was approved by the then chairperson and one member recommending reduction in tariff?”

While asking for a copy of the order, Kejriwal has also wished to inspect all files related to this matter and all files related to correspondence between the city government and DERC (on this issue) from April 1, 2010 to March 31, 2011.

The application has also questioned whether the present DERC chairperson or any member of his family have any relation with Tata or any Reliance — two firms involved in distributing power in Delhi.