Dalit demand action against ostracism in village

Dalit demand action against ostracism in village

Various Dalit associations blocked the roads and laid siege to Banahalli police station recently demanding action against culprits who are involved in social boycotting the community from the village.

The community members alleged that the district administration until now has not taken any action regarding atrocity against Dalit in the village. District and taluk social welfare officers have also turned a blind eye over the ostracism.

The protestors insisted on arresting them if authorities fail to take severe action against those who announced the social boycott.

The dalits have been kept out of the village since almost eight months when they demanded entry inside the temples.

The community which lived on earnings of daily wage, have been deprived of  labour since then and are being objected if they even enter neighbouring villages.

On the other hand they are not even allowed to buy groceries at shops.

Prior to protest, the talks between the agitators and tahsildar Chandrakanth Bhajanthri at B R Ambedkar Bhavan failed which led to the intensified protest of the associations.
Later deputy commissioner N Jayaram, superintendent of police P Rajendra Prasad, additional superintendent of police Chandrashekar, district social welfare officer Pratibha, taluk social welfare officer Dasharat reached the spot and requested the activists to withdraw the protest.

Deput commissier C N Jayaram assured legal action against those involved in the ostracism.