An evening of classical charm

An evening of classical charm

An evening of classical charm

Chamber music has a touch to it like no other music genre.  And when international and Indian artistes came together to perform at ‘QUINTessence’, a wind and piano concert performance, there was nothing that could add to the evening to make it more perfect.

The pieces which were played as part of the concert represented the East and West coming together.  They were performed by Paulette DeMello on flute, Daniel Bircher on clarinet, Stuart Potter on bassoon and Berenice da Gama Rose and Rebecca Thomas on piano. The beautiful compositions that were played amazed the audience.
 There was a variety with notes emanating from different instruments.

The compositions that were performed at the event included Mozart’s  ‘Divertimento No1’ on flute, clarinet, and bassoon, in five movements. The composition had a pop feel, with the various combinations of instruments.

Franz Schubert’s ‘From Six Lieder’ on flute and piano included five songs — ‘Good Night’, ‘The LindenTree’, ‘Air’, ‘At The Sea’ and ‘Pigeon Mail’. It was originally made for vocals and piano.

Most of these pieces revolved around the subject of love. ‘Gran Duo Concertante’ on clarinet and piano, by Carl Maria von Weber, amazed the audience.

In this piece, the piano gets second billing yet has a role nearly equal to that of the clarinet. Robert Schuman’s ‘Three Fantasy Pieces’ on the bassoon and piano depicted sudden mood changes, which is a signature of much of Schumann’s music.

Other pieces performed during the performance included Mikhail Glinka’s ‘Trio Pathetique for Clarinet’ on the bassoon and piano and Scott Joplin’s ‘Pineapple Rag’ on the flute, clarinet, bassoon and piano.

“We’ve been working on this concert for the last few months and have styled the pieces accordingly. The composers that we chose are not often played — yet, the combination of the different instruments seems to have left a lasting impression on the crowd,” said an
excited Rebecca Thomas, one of the artistes of the evening.Noel Gerard, a music teacher, added, “It was a very unusual and different experience. The performance, with different composers and instruments, was very interesting.”

As part of the evening’s programme, reputed musicologist Naomi da Gama Rose’s book ‘Theory of Music – A Basic Text’, was also released.