Missing Indian businessman's body found in Australia

Missing Indian businessman's body found in Australia

Detectives say they are investigating possible business connections of Kumar who is presumed murdered at Mildura, in northwest Victoria, ABC Online reported on Wednesday. Kumar, 33, has been living in Mildura for a year. He had set up a labour contracting company.

Homicide squad detective Ron Iddles said Kumar went to a meeting about a business deal at the Mildura Library two weeks ago, and has not been seen since.

"He came here to meet someone, this was what he told someone, it was going to be a good deal for him and sadly I think he has met with foul play," Iddles was quoted as saying.

Kumar's blue Commodore car was found two days later outside the Mildura railway station.

Iddles said Kumar's phone and bank accounts have not been touched since he went missing. The police official stated that Kumar was well-connected in the local Indian community and "he was very popular with his workers because he was giving them work, accommodation and he actually bought food for them". "...at times he had 15 to 20 people staying in his house," Iddles added.