Cropped sweaters for an ultra chic look

Cropped sweaters for an ultra chic look

Cropped sweaters for an ultra chic look

For fashionistas seasons are no limit to flaunt cool, glamorous or sensual looks. Though sweaters and jackets are the common pick for cold, chilly weather, fashion conscious are not far behind when it comes to experimenting with that too.

What is turning out to be a huge hit in terms of winter clothing this year is cropped or shrunken sweater. The trend, however, is not new. It was quite popular in the West in 90s. Several Hollywood celebrities have sported the look now and then but there has been change in the way it is styled today.  

From pairing it up with cigarette pants, skirts to knee length dresses, cropped sweaters promises to make your legs look longer. “For those who want to switch over from conventional sweaters which give a manly look, cropped sweaters are the best option. They are completely feminine and trendy," says designer Anupama Dayal.

“Earlier, these sweaters were worn in a manner which would expose the belly. However, it is impossible to follow this in winter. One can wear baggy cropped sweaters over tight-fitted tops paired with a full length tight skirt or a tunic paired with leggings. To make it more interesting, go for vibrant colour sweaters or choose a warmer tone sweater to team up with jeans,” shares Anupama.

For those who are still on their diet plans to shed extra pounds can also carry stylish cropped sweaters. Go for slim fit jeans with colourful narrow belts and keep the length of the sweater below the belly. But one thing has to be kept in mind that sweater should not be excessively baggy as it can spoil the overall look.

Besides, being sported as part of a casual combo, cropped sweaters can be easily carried with evening or cocktail dresses too. “Go for sweaters in light, woollen fabric with embellishments or pair it with long neckpiece in gold or silver. The length of the sweater should be just above the waistline so as to make it look more stylish,” says Anupama.

According to the designer, layering has been in the trend but it has to be minimal in case of cropped sweaters. Do not try and experiment with the accessories when sporting cropped sweaters casually to get that ultra-chic look.