The dancing beauties

The dancing beauties


The dancing beauties

The Indian Council for Cultural Relations in association with the Embassy of Uzbekistan presented a beautiful and colourful evening, with dancers from the exotic land performing amazing dances for the audience. An Evening of Uzbek Folk Dances and Music, as the event was called, featured short dance performances by the beautiful ladies of Uzbekistan.

The 17-member troupe, which also had shows in Delhi and Lucknow performed numerous Uzbek folk dances. The dancers started off with a group dance called Katta Uyin, which means big dance. As promised, it was a big dance indeed with lavish costumes, and the ladies moving gracefully around the stage.

Janan meaning  My love was a solo dance that portrayed the joy of a girl, after she received a letter from her lover from a pigeon. Azum Dariya, which means a precious river in Uzbek, was beautifully showcased by eight dancers, whose steps were well-coordinated.

Kurbanalum was a poignant strain, where in a young girl expresses her anguish at being unable to meet her lover. The graceful dancer in a royal blue coloured costume won the hearts of the audience.

Tanaavar was a group dance, that showed the women’s emotions after their husbands have gone for war. Guldasta, as the name suggests, was a dance depicting the beauty of flowers.

Fergana reflected the beautiful Fergana valley of Uzbekistan, while another solo dance portrayed the arrogance of a young woman, who feels she is unattainable and is above all. The programme ended with a holiday dance called Papuri.

The costumes of the dancers were extremely feminine, and were quite similar to the Indian ethnic dresses like salwar-kameez and kurtas. These costumes added to the beauty of these women, and were complemented by high-heeled shoes and ample make-up.

The event ended with the dancers being felicitated by popular Bangalore-based author Shashi Deshpande and Saralavani Unnikrishnan from the ICCR. The next programme of the ICCR will held on October 8 at the JSS Auditorium, where a nine-member Flamenco dance troupe from Spain will entertain the dance-lovers of the City.