Sudeep impresses RGV

Sudeep impresses RGV

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Sudeep impresses RGV

Looks like there’s no stopping the Sudeep magic. The Sandalwood actor-director has bowled over Bollywood’s Ram Gopal Varma so much so that he has been entrusted with wielding the megaphone for a film to be made by the latter. RGV will script the film and Sudeep will act and direct it.

“I couldn’t believe it at first. Ram saw Autograph, the still-in-making Kichaa Huchaa and a few other films that I directed and made the offer. His conviction and faith in me is flattering,” Sudeep told Metrolife.

Sudeep’s first Hindi film will be an action-packed thriller where the protagonist is a common man who gets framed in a big situation and has no way out of the mess he’s got into. “He’s an ordinary guy with no powers behind him to help him bail out. He fights a lone battle and proves himself innocent and wriggles out of the mess by himself,” says Sudeep.

Sudeep has put the unnecessary furore and noise of Just Math Mathanalli behind him and moved on. He has almost completed shooting for Phoonk 2 and will soon complete the two leftover songs for Kichaa Huchaa. He has also been hand-picked by director and producer S Narayan for the very first time to act in his film, yet to be titled, where Sudeep will be playing the role of a just and upright cop.

The Just… row involving Ramya is a matter of past, as far as Sudeep is concerned. “There may be a great deal of speculation and masala added but the issue was resolved before the Chamber and the resolution was there on TV for all to see. Then why all this unnecessary fuss?” he asks and adds, “Ramya has done a good job in my film and I have personally liked her character in the film but somewhere things began falling apart,” he reasons.

Making it clear that he doesn’t want to damage anybody’s personality nor does he want to boost his ego, he says he has made a fresh film like Just… only for public consumption. “There are a whole lot of people, talent and effort that has gone into the making of the film,” he says.

Sudeep threw away a career in engineering and forayed into films to be known and recognised as an actor. “I love films and always wanted to be a celebrated actor and that I will achieve no matter what,” he says. And he sure is on the path.