Little scientists mesmerise audience at Brain Quest

Science and wisdom had a unique blend laced with the innovative discoveries by the little scientists at the Brain Quest-2012, a science expo cum laboratory at Sheshashyana hall in Udupi on Saturday. The 10th annual Udupi district Science and Technology fair was organized by E-Skool organisation.

The display included wide variety of innovative discoveries by the high school students from across the district. The ever enthusiastic little scientists had a pinch of scientific expertise. Besides, they also had some know-how about the novel marketing skills as they were made to manufacture the products and also market the products.

The displays included experiments on more than 100 concepts like infrared sensor, Bernoulli’s principle, building better bubbles, two ball bounce, principle of buoyancy of warm water, static electricity, sewage treatment plants, satellites, rain water harvesting, power house, hydraulic machines, solar system, deposition of mercury on copper, flame test on chemicals like sodium, potassium salts, basic oxide reaction with water, magical color change, JCB models, energy conservation model, experiments using candles, spectroscope, experiments supporting Newton’s law of gravity, dynamics of air pressure, Pythagorean tuning, space car and many more.

The students were brimmed with joy of learning with practical knowledge. The model on self sustainability grabbed the attraction of the spectators, in which student creators had made available all the necessary details on the process of achieving self sustainability at much lesser cost.

The rainwater harvesting model elaborated on the method of rainwater conservation using simple techniques. The biogas plant was also part of the self sustainable village. The model was the creation of the students from Sri Siddhivinayak Residential School.

Another attractive model on house was prepared by the students using cards. Indeed the matchstick puzzle was interesting game to test the IQ level of the kid. The problem solving experiment improved the analytical skills among the students. Paper quest made students to bring home made paper and a slogan not exceeding 10 words.

There was research project on how to cure grandma’s acidity and also on impressing parents by reducing electricity bills.

Ashwini from Christian High School said the quest is truly a learning attempt. This kind of programme helps children to develop interest in science and technology. I got to learn many more things through practical knowledge, she added.

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