Defaming a City

Most Indians are poor; they face challenges even for a modest living.

Bangalore has been famed in the past for many things; most number of theatres in the country, eateries, pubs and the list is endless, while it placed India on the world economic map with the boom in the IT industry.

A long time ago, we also prided over the fresh air, clement weather and clean roads. The city chugs along with its intrinsic quality of enterprise and sprints to fame and glory always.

But the government began to vie for some attention. The scams put the city’s hard work on the back burner and began to engage the center-spread. The garbage piles began to reek enough, that New York Times divined it needed its attention too!

Neighbourhood societies have always endeavored at garbage segregation, we now begin to intensify that and at meetings we ‘wow’ the US on the wonderful job it does in that quarter. But the fact remains, that these neighbourhood societies and endeavors are too few, they cover very little area, plus these areas are fringed by footpath vending and slums to be able to carry the endeavor successfully.

Most Indians are poor; they face challenges everyday, for a modest living. Literacy in India means, a man can read and write, therefore for most Indians there is no insightful thought process going on to methodically dwell, on garbage segregation. Garbage segregation can only happen in elite neighbourhoods, and first world nations, what chance do Bangaloreans have at a methodology in garbage management!

All we have is political posturing, multitude of corruption, the power sharing of goons and cops. Therefore we have to think for ourselves and the hapless poor; to keep diseases at bay, we will have to call upon private enterprise to tackle the garbage problem! Because the BBMP does not have the verve or the wherewithal to solve it, and their outsourced partners are pathetic, dirty and irresponsible.

We need big industries to sully their hands, and they will find benefit at the end of the road and dustbins. They have to have a colour code for garbage bags, kitchen waste, hazard/medical waste, dry and garden waste so every kind of waste can all be treated methodically and safely, enriching mother earth, recycling and generating fuel.

Companies will have pay for the garbage, by the kilo, and insist it be delivered nicely, cleanly in bags. See how this will clean up the city. There is so much money in bio-waste fuel, via gasification, if private companies come forward, this garbage problem can be solved very quickly, and the Canadian Prime Minister will not have to be greeted by stagnant sewage water before the Governor greets him!

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