China bats for a strong relationship with India

Pitching for a strong relationship with India, China on Monday said Sino-Indian ties should not be strained due to “noise” by “some parties” who intend to undermine the bilateral ties which had improved despite border disputes.

Stressing that achieving peace at the borders has not been easy, Chinese State Councilor Dai Bingguo told National Security Adviser Shivashankar Menon here that it has taken strong efforts on the part of both countries to maintain peace while continuing to resolve the boundary issue.

“The two countries should have a clear idea about some parties’ intentions to undermine bilateral ties. They should also remember that there is more consensus than differences and more cooperation than competition between China and India,” he told Menon.

While it was not clear who exactly Dai meant when he said “some parties”, the Chinese strategic analysts often point to US and Japan’s efforts to improve ties with India as part of a larger strategy to “contain” Beijing.

State-run Xinhua news agency reported that Dai spoke highly of the two countries’ “creative” practices in coping with disparities and contradictions, saying China and India do not allow problems to influence bilateral ties.

“The experience of handling and controlling disparities between China and India has made an important contribution to enriching the theories and practices of international relations,” he added. Dai noted that China and India are committed to evolving a solution to the existing problems.

Special representatives of the two countries had held 15 rounds of talks on border issues and they had come to a consensus on the framework for solving the issues. “China and India’s independence and peaceful development will be a huge
contribution to world peace and development,” Dai said.

The mechanism of meetings between special representatives on border issues was established in 2003. Menon and Dai, the two officials, designated as Special Representatives to resolve the boundary differences, held three rounds of talks on Monday.

“You are one of the first few foreign leaders we are receiving after the Party Congress,” Dai told Menon while welcoming him at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse. Dai’s words indicated that China gives special attention to India. “I'm sure, through your visit, the Indian side will have a better sense of China,” he added.

Meanwhile, Qin Gang, Director-General of Foreign Minister’s media wing, who took the lead in briefing the media about Dai-Menon talks, refuted the Indian media reports that border talks have failed to make any progress.

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