Good fun at the fest

Good fun at the fest

Good fun at the fest

The three-day inter-collegiate fest, ‘Esplendida’ of the Mount Carmel Pre-university College, concluded on a high note with students losing no opportunity to let their hair down.

 What one never misses at every fest at the Mount Carmel Pre-university College is the fresh talent, energy and enthusiasm that is so evident. ‘Esplendida’ saw the best colleges in the City battle it out for the top slot. The competition was intense and the talent amazing.

More than 50 different competitions were put up by 20 associations in the college. Western dance, personality contest, quiz , drama, music, beatboxing, art, literature, quiz, Indian singing and Indian dance, the battle of the bands and the fashion show saw the maximum participants.

The Carmelites didn’t participate and played the perfect host. The theme this year was Yuanxiao, meaning the Chinese festival of lanterns. In keeping with the theme, corridors, auditoriums and pathways were decorated and embellished with everything that was Chinese such as dragons, fans and lanterns.

The fest had quite a star-studded opening with Kannada actor Srinagar Kitty addressing the girls, unmindful of the hoots and cheers from the girls.

The most memorable event on the first day of the fest was the DJ evening that literally drove the crowd crazy and left a lot of people dancing. ‘Day two’ had a couple of interesting events such as ‘air crash’ where the participants were given roles like Barack Obama and Swami Nithyananda, who were survivors of an air crash and were supposed to convince the judges and the audience as to  why they should be saved.

The ‘battle of the bands’ had rock bands from various colleges battle it out for the top slot. The students were seen headbanging to the rhythm of various bands. Christ Junior College truly had the rock fans grooving to their tunes. The all-girls’ band of the Mount Carmel Pre-university College, although not a part of the competition, had the crowd swaying to their tunes.

Bangalore-based alternative rock band, ‘Clown with a Frown’ concluded the evening by performing some exceptional original tracks. This was followed by a performance by the ‘Beat Gurus’.

The final day was the most eventful with two very different events — ‘Battle of the Beat Boxers’ and the ‘dance face-off’. During the ‘personality contest’ finals, the judges literally grilled the participants. The winner of the rather tough competition was Karan Gupta from Christ Junior College.

The students thoroughly enjoyed the fest. Ankitha of Christ Junior College, says, “There’s so much energy in the air and I participated in as many events as I could. Winning is not important.” Susheel Rao from Jain College says, “Most of the college fests are exciting because you can hang around with your group. The events were different compared to last year and I managed to make a couple of new contacts.”

The fashion show was the most-awaited event of the fest. This year, the home team

was inspired by the Bond movie 'Skyfall’ and the models were dressed as Bond girls. Talking about the theme, Mithilesh, the choreographer says, “No guns, no weapons, no gadgets but only the strong, chic Bond girls.

We had gowns to one-piece dresses and jackets. We played around with black, blues and pinks which proved to be a good mix of colours to define the strong personality of the Bond girls.”