Chocolate pizza, a slice of heaven

The demand for both pizza and chocolates is timeless. But how about a combination of both this Christmas and New Year? Though a new concept, chocolate pizzas have made an entry into India, much to chocolate lovers’ delight. Imagine sinking your teeth into a thin crust pizza base with a spread of delicious hazelnut chocolate.

With a base of chocolate on pizza dough and a colourful topping, it is called a pizza merely because of its base and shape similar to regular salty pizza. While the base remains the same, the toppings may vary depending upon one’s choice and taste. From caramelised hazelnuts, praline, chocolate fudge sauce to chocolate shavings, nuts and dried fruits, the options are many.

Chocolate boutique Choko la has introduced gourmet chocolate pizza for the upcoming festive season. The chocolate pizza they have introduced is studded with bananas, marshmallow and dark chocolate chips. It is garnished with caramelised hazelnuts and topped with praline and chocolate fudge sauce.

“We have introduced only one variety of chocolate pizza at the moment and the initial response has been terrific. The mission is to create a chocolate culture and so we are constantly innovating to create interesting treats. This is an interesting variation of the dessert options that are available right through the year,” says Ravi Pahuja, chief operating officer, Choko la.

For more variety and experimented versions of chocolate pizzas, one can stop by at the Chocolate Room in Malviya Nagar. They have chocolate pizzas with the base of chocolate rather than regular pizza dough and interesting toppings.

“One of the chocolate pizzas on our menu is ‘rocky road pizza’ that has chocolate base with chocolate sauce on it with marshmallow and almond topping.’ Then we have ‘chilli hot chocolate pizza’ with chilli flakes and melted chocolate sauce on it. ‘Hi-fibre pizza’ has chocolate’s base with corn flakes, marshmallows and white chocolate sauce on it. Its topped off with cashewnuts. Others are ‘choc date pizza’ and ‘tropical pizza’,” says Haseeb Hussain, manager, the Chocolate Room.

Its been quite some time, that they introduced chocolate pizzas but the demand has been rather low. “We have not got the kind of response we were anticipating for this pizza. People generally order regular chocolate desserts. Let’s hope the demand increases during the festive season,” he says.

One can also make chocolate pizza in an oven at home using ingredients like home-made or readymade pizza dough, butter, chocolate-hazelnut spread, chocolate chips and toppings as per taste.

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