Strangers meet, marry on train

  The story has all the ingredients of a super hit Bollywood movie in which everything happens so fast.

Two young people fell in love after getting acquainted on a speeding train and within a span of a couple of hours, they get married on the same train – in a simple manner with a fellow passenger performing the role of the priest.

According to reports, the two boarded the train at Delhi on Tuesday. They were not only unknown to each other, their destination also happened to be different. While the man was bound for Lucknow, the girl was travelling to Kanpur.

As the train gathered speed, the two got acquainted and within hours the acquaintance had deepened.

By the time the train crossed Aligarh station, a two-hour journey from Delhi, the young people had made up their mind. They had decided to marry.

It is said that trains in India double up as a second home and it came true here as well. When fellow passengers came to know about their decision, one of them volunteered to take on the role of  the pandit and a symbolic wedding was performed on the train itself.
But the matter reached police who interrogated the two at Tundla station.

The girl insisted on going with her ‘husband’, who too vowed to treat her as his wife forever.
According to reports, they were allowed to go. It was not clear if the two went together or separately after being quizzed by police. It remains to be seen where their journey takes them.

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