'I've decided to move on'

'I've decided to move on'

Political Twist

'I've decided to move on'

Pooja Gandhi seems to have become a seasoned politician. More than changing her appearance for different films, the Mungaru Male star is busy hopping political parties and testing political waters.

Pooja has found a party where she is really wanted. Strongly supporting her in all her endeavours is her fiance, Anand Gowda, who was with her when she joined the Karnataka Janata Party (KJP).

Pooja does not want to dwell on the past and prefers to move on. “I have self-respect and that’s why I’ve decided to move on. This is not a sudden decision. I took my time and was guided by a few people to join the KJP,” says Pooja.

Talking about B S Yeddyurappa, Pooja says that he is not only a dynamic leader but a man of self-respect.

“He’s like a father figure to me and I am sure he will guide the party to power,” she adds.
Pooja concedes that it’s not easy for women trying to make a mark — not only in politics but in any profession.

“It isn’t easy for a woman to come forward but I feel you have to be bold and overcome whatever hurdles there might be. I firmly believe that there is no future in the past,” she says with conviction.

Standing strong beside Pooja is her fiance, Anand Gowda. “Anand has never interfered in my films or in my political decisions. On the contrary, he has supported me and given me the complete liberty to do what I want,” observes Pooja.

Anand Gowda was more than happy to talk about his lady love. He says, “I think now more than films, her political career has taken off very well. She’s very passionate about what she is doing and I am here to support her. She has the determination, dedication and desire to scale great heights — which not many women have.”

Anand points out, “I like her for what she is and there’s nothing that I want to change about her. One thing is for sure — Pooja is here to help the needy not the greedy,” he notes.

As for films, Pooja is toying with the idea of launching her own production house pretty soon. And her film, January 1 Bidugade, is slated for release soon. “I play a journalist in the film. It’s a female-oriented subject. It has enough twists and turns, which will make for some great entertainment,” Pooja concludes.