Better safe than sorry

Better safe than sorry


Better safe than sorry

The crime rate in the City is always on increase — in fact, now, one can never know when they might be faced with a dangerous predicament.

In such a situation, it makes sense for women, in particular, to learn how to protect themselves. So, do the women in the City agree that they need to go for self-defence classes? Metrolife speaks to a few to find out.

Surabhi AR, a college student, says, “It is true that women should take up some sort of self-defence classes, as it is really important to protect oneself. I haven’t gone for any classes though, since I hadn’t given it a thought yet.”

Arwin D’Souza, a martial arts and self-defence trainer, feels that attending these classes is important, saying, “With increasing crime in the City, it is a must for women to learn how to keep themselves safe. When I hear of mishaps happening to women, I often wonder how those incidents could have been averted had the victims known how to defend themselves.”

Arwin says that he has more men coming to his classes than women, since they are interested in the fighting aspect. There’s a notion that women who learn a martial art tend to lose their feminine side — but he doesn’t agree with that in the least. “I don’t agree with that apprehension, since women have more fat in their bodies and their muscle development does not show, like in men. I strongly believe that women are stronger than men, since they have more flexibility that can be used accordingly in dangerous situations,” he says.

Anusha Raju, a fashion merchandiser who’s taking self-defence classes, opines, “I’ve always been into sports and wanted something to keep me fit. Learning a martial art helps to build up confidence plus keep one fit.” She adds, “Some parents are not okay with their daughters going for martial arts. But my parents were convinced after they saw how comfortable I was when I joined.”

Aparna Hegde, a site solutions executive and another self-defence student, is of the opinion that one has to know how to stand up for oneself. “I have had good support from my parents. They wanted me to be able to protect myself. Everyone should be able to take care of themselves,” she states. Tips and other guidelines about basic protection are easily available on the internet and there are many institutes which provide short-term martial-art classes.

Sindhu Gouthami, a senior associate HR employee, expresses, “I had a basic training class on how to react to a sudden situation in college. But I haven’t gone for a detailed session or to an institute because my schedule doesn’t allow me to be involved with other things. Also, I am feisty enough to be able to create a ruckus and get attention if something were to happen.”